Two Popular Careers in Criminal Justice

There are a few careers that will forever have security in the job industry. Careers with solid job security are legal careers. Careers in criminal justice range from police officer, government agent, paralegal, forensics, crime scene investigator, private security, justice and corrections officer. These criminal justice degree jobs and careers require a bachelors degree in criminal justice. Some of them also require a doctorate degree.

Degrees often have a concentration in areas like criminology, sociology and political science. Depending on what specific career you are interested in, choosing a concentration will give you an advantage in those areas. To gain solid employment a concentration lets employers recognize your dedication to that specific field.

One of the most popular criminal justice careers is a paralegal. Overall, this career is the right hand assistant to an attorney. They can do everything that an attorney can do except give legal advice and represent a client in court. Other than that, it is often the responsibility of the paralegal to understand the law in the same comprehensive way that an attorney does except an attorney has had three years of Law School study. This position is great for those looking to eventually become an attorney. You can gain experience for your own practice and partake in a very steady employment opportunity.

Thanks to the popular television shows and series, crime scene investigation and forensics are up and coming careers in criminal justice. Although these careers are extremely time consuming and demanding, they are extremely rewarding. Not only are they rewarding in salary and benefits, they also give you a sense of success when your conclusions help close cases and save lives.

There are a number of ways to gain qualifications and education for this line of work. Some universities and college allow you to take a certification program on top of your bachelors degree, others require you to gain additional education in the form of a doctorate. This career is more of a scientific aspect to criminal justice.

These are just a two popular Careers In Criminal Justice. It’s also beneficial to attend schools who have a great Criminal Justice program that are noteworthy and respected in the industry. Choose a concentration that will give you very specific knowledge and experience in one area of the law. You will undoubtedly find wonderful employment opportunities with these qualifications.